Thursday, 8 May 2014

Anselmo Seloterio
Mr. Rick
28 April 2014

Not everyone has a passion for Lent. We try to do something, but we eventually get lazy and just quit. But all you need to do is do something for 40 min. We know that Lent lasts for 40 days and not a lot of people can fast, pray or meditate for 40 days.

You can give up something for 40 min, you can pray for 40 min, and you can help out the poor for 40 min. You can’t always be busy everyday of your life. You are not just helping yourself to be a better person, but also you are helping yourself spiritually by building that relationship with God.

It is hard to step away from electronics or whatever we do each day, so it is our responsibilities to get our attention out of technologies and do something else for the next 40 minutes. There are many ways you can “waste” your 40 min which relates to helping your relationship spiritually with God.

You can waste your time by:
1.If you like helping others; you can participate at your church who has a high chance of having an organization specifically for the Homeless and the Poor. There are many people who needs our help.

2. You can just simply go to church. Church now a days are only 30 min. All you have to do is listen the Word, Homily, the teachings and take the Eucharist. So, with a little time to reflect and pray before or after, 40 minutes goes by in no time.  

3. Read a bible. Understand what God is trying to tell us through his scriptures and his teachings. In the Bible, he has parables and readings that are very creative. It is not something to look at for 10 seconds.

4. Worshipping “Him”. Rather worshipping on our looks, reputation or our image… Worship “Him”. It will make us one more step closer to God. Just spend your time with him and stop wasting it on ourselves. We are with God, and God is within us.

These are all the type of things you can do to waste your time. But it is now up to you to be responsible of this. If you had started your 40 min, don’t give up and just start to think of positive things. You can’t give up with what you have started!